Joseph Sullivan has done over 40 years in prison as of 2001. The press had nicknamed him "Mad Dog" for whatever reasons they chose but his nickname in the prison system and amongst his friends and family is Sully or JoeSully. Those of you who have been in NYS prison or who have or had friends or family there will know him, as he is a legendůsome might say of the wrong kind. He is the only man to ever escape NEW YORK'S ATTICA PRISON this is a true fact as there is documentation to prove this. Joe has many "Hits" under his belt, which is written about in a book by his wife Gail, and he was connected to the "Mob" for years. He was in Rahway and Trenton New Jerseys' worst prisons for years and is currently doing another bid in a New York State Prison. Literally he was only on the "Streets" from the ages of 0-16yrs old and again from ages 36 to 43. His family consists of his wife Gail whom he has been married to for 25 years and his sons Ramsey and Kelly. They are in contact with him on a regular basis.

He also has a daughter named Lauren born of another union while on the run.

The following is a background of his youth.

"A Brief Family History"

My given name is Joseph George Sullivan. (My confirmation name is John) named such in March 1939 in Rockaway Beach, (Irish-Town) Queens. Third generation Irish-American, and second eldest of six children. Four boys and two girls. I was named such in honor of my father's brother "Joe", who died four years before my birth at the young age of twenty-two. "Uncle Joe" was literally the shining star of the staunch Irish-Catholic Sullivan family from Belle Harbor, New York.

Uncle Joe was doted on by his mother and father and worshipped by his five brothers and two sisters who he led the way for and was very defensive of. at a time when there was still a good deal of WASP prejudice against Irish Catholics. And signs such as "Irish Need Not Apply", employment wise, and "Irish Keep off the grass", was still a common sight. But none adored "Uncle Joe" more than my Dad, or was more devastated upon his untimely death. The exception of course being his mom, Julia Sullivan (McLoughlin) and my grandfather "Big Tim Sullivan", who all said died of a "broken-heart" within a year of Joe's passing. Big Tim, as all called him, had been the NYC handball champion while serving as Captain on the Police Force for over twenty years.

Uncle Joe was a strapping six foot two, drop dead handsome left-tackle for the "Fighting Irish" of Notre Dame at South Bend, Indiana. He planned to go into the Monastery (priesthood) upon graduation in his senior year of 1935, and had just been voted co-captain at the start of the '35 season, his final year under head coach Elmer of the Heralded "Four Horsemen" of the Knute Rockne era. When suddenly, in the bone chilling cold of a South Bend, Indiana winter, Joe contracted pneumonia and died a very few short days later. Some of the family says his death was due to a head injury in that era of Leather-Helmet Football. Uncle Joe's greatest battles on the gridiron were against Army and Navy as two of his younger brothers Frank and Eddie played for Navy and Army respectively in Joe's third year at Notre Dame. Continued...

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